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83330 Le Beausset - France

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The "Lorien" name is out of J.R.R Tolkien'book,
"Lord of the Rings".

R I D E R (Tehy Night Rider)
You were the spirit of my breeding. My great love. "The"cat.
My "Riri d'Amour" and the foundation cat of Lorien'Cats.

Forever in my heart.


Sandra dec 2014
During holidays, in Vietnam - december 2014


In 1988, I bought my first persian cat in order to keep Tanis,
the "pure alley cat, company.

I chose the breed not for aesthetic quality but for its temperament because I had visited a Cat Show and was amazed at persian sweetness.

Dvina du Pignet de Royan has a good pedigree
so I decided to let her have a litter.

My first home born cat, CH. Ginger de la Lorien, let me become more familiar with cats shows and so I have become more demanding with the persian standard.


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My goal is to reconcile optimal conditions of life for my cats and a great rigour in my breeding program.

My cats's conditions of life are very important for me:

So I have a small number of animals: 3 studs,6 girls and some neutered & spayed cats.

All my cats live with me inside my home 
and none of them lives in a cage.

My studs have their own rooms (real rooms that belong to the house, not outside spaces).

No stud service.

I never resell an adult cat.

All my breeding cats are free from PKD (DNA clear) and also have their DNA Genetics Identification.

My cattery is CFA and LOOF registered.
I am member of : LOOF and AEP (Persian Breed Club). I am also judge (LOOF) and vice president of the club "PAssion Alliance Feline".

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the cats in the living room
Cats are free in the home.

A little hand made wood bed
...and they get along well with each other!

My home
Here is my home.

My home

A small guesthouse in the garden

Little pond
My pond.

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§ to Rider, my base fondation cat and my great feline love :)

§ to John & Tammie Passet, Sugarspun, for their help in my bicolour breeding program.

§ to Salvatore, Tombrock, for his help in my breeding program and most of all for his true friendship.

§ My sister Carol, the "queen of the bottle" who helps me with feeding kittens (we have terraced houses)

Estèle & Marie for your friendship
and to my little Sara who supports me in the Joy and the Sadness of breeding.

To Sarah Petitmangin, for caring so well of my cats when I am not home, and for her good advices and for her friendship.

My vets, Dvm Pierre & Christine Ville, always reachable and  attentive.

and to my life partner, he is also a friend of animals.

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